Dalia Gorman~RYT 200

Dalia welcomes all levels to her energetic and challenging class. her own practice & experience in teaching yoga for 25 years, has turned her focus and full commitment completely on her students, observing their practice, their alignment, their breath and above all, their advancement. Base on Ashtanga Yoga- the system of continuing series of “Asanas” or postures – standing, sitting, balancing and Vinyasas - done in synchronization between breath & movement- She teach's a class that at first might feel challenging but with trust, patience & practice your advancement will be obvious. We use “Ujjayi” Breath, a deep & relaxed style of breathing that is maintained in alignment with our movements. This type of breathing is known to create heat, increase our oxygen depth, and center our attention inward. Our practice strengthen the muscles, align the spine, increase flexibility over time, as well as, stimulate and calm our body systems, specially the circulatory and nervous. Yoga is attainable & fair through regular & diligent practice. All you need is patience; listen to our own bodies and progress at our own pace. By focusing on the breath and movement with awareness, body and mind will become one and progress will be evident. 23 years teaching on North Fork-

Teacher Training Certifications: Tim Miller, Carlsbad , CA (at Tulum, Mexico), Beryl Bender Birch, author of “Power Yoga” -E. Hampton & David Swenson, Austin Texas. Workshops: Dough Swenson, NYC; Richard Freeman, Boulder, CO and Pattabis Jois, (NYC) -founder of Ashtanga Yoga System. As well as years of numerous NYC classes with different styles and teachers.


Danielle D DeLongis~ RYT,LMT

Danielle began her yoga practice as a teenager. She was drawn, not only to the physical aspect of yoga asana but also to the yoga philosophy. She tries to live guided by yoga principles. Danielle advocates that a yoga practice allows people the rare opportunity to unplug & turn their gaze inwards. This is where healing begins.
Danielle began guiding others towards wellness in 2005, working in fitness center management before transitioning to offering massage therapy & teaching yoga. Her Vinyasa classes require basic knowledge of the warrior series and are led at a brisk & steady pace designed to stoke the internal fire. Her all levels class is led at a slower pace with more seated postures and is open to all levels. Danielle strives to guide her students to both strengthen & lengthen their muscles while simultaneously steadying both their breath & minds.
Danielle holds a B.A. in Sociology from Stony Brook University. She received her degree in Massage Therapy & first Yoga Teacher Certification from the New York College of Health Professions in 2008. She has been a certified Reiki practitioner since 2001. Danielle believes there’s always more to learn and received her 200- hour yoga teacher certification with Beryl Bender Birch’s The Hard & the Soft Yoga Institute in 2016.
Danielle is the owner of Peaceful Scorpion Wellness, located in Aquebogue. She offers bodywork and energy work in a healing space. Her personal mantra in both her massage and yoga practices is “Feel better. Move better. Be better.”


Erik Rydout~RYT-200

Erik is a teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga and Paddle Boarding Yoga. Erik is currently working towards his RYT-300 hour certificate. Erik has a deep connection with his yoga practice and Yoga has a deep connection through Erik. A lifelong student and athlete, his training runs the gamut of physical and mental growth.  Erik has backgrounds in the Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Acro Yoga, Pranayama Breath work, Meditation, Reiki training levels 1 & 2, Martial arts (Jiu Jitsu), Gymnastics, Slacklining, Surfing and Rockclimbing. When he's not practicing physically he's reading and performing electrical engineering science. Despite the vast number of disciplines Erik uses yoga philosophy of union, to put everything he is into everything he does. His passion for the seen and unseen, the explainable and the unbelievable continue to fuel his life with energy and balance.

Jayme Lynn Couch~RYT-200

With an early background in dance Jayme has always had an intense adoration for artful movement which seamlessly translated to a passion for yoga in her early 20s when she began her practice. Experiencing a series of traumatic personal events and seeking a sense of inner peace and non-attachment to these past hurts Jayme rediscovered her love of yoga in 2014 as she began to practice Hot Yoga regularly. Through the practice she found a life-giving space and community. Inspired by multiple instructors for their ability to hold space for their students and create a community of love, consciousness, and acceptance she was determined to someday facilitate that environment for others. In August of 2017 she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa through Always at Aum Yoga School. erving others as a nurse since 2008 and seeking to live yoga on and off the mat, Jayme’s mission is to honor all creatures for their divine nature and acknowledge their unlimited worth. Her goal is to leave each of her students increasingly aware of their connection to the universe and empower them to create their own steady place of inner peace amidst all of life’s peaks and valleys. She believes guiding her students to connect breath with movement, allowing the mind to be passive and the breath to be active, inspires them to become more in touch with their true self and is a tangible way to reach this state of inner peace.

joan ferraro moon.png

Joan Ferraro-Moon

Joan has been teaching several modalities in group fitness for 25 years. She is RYT 300 hour and has trained with the esteemed Kay Kay Clivio, Adam Vitolo and Mary Aranas of Pure Yoga in NYC. Joan’s excellent instruction will help you find the fountain of youth through breath and movement and leave you feeling like one happy baby! She is also a group fitness manager at the Wall and 44 St Equinox clubs in Manhattan. She lives with her husband Chris on NYC’s upper east side. (This picture makes me smile because it’s the antithesis of most yoga posture photos)

jackie prof pic.png

Jackie Zilnicki

Jackie is an empowering and spirited teacher with the goal to create a safe and grounded practice for her students to let go of their mind and tune into their body. Jackie thrives on empowering others to see the light and love inside of themselves with the art of yoga. She knows that yoga is truly for everyone and every body. Having been a two-sport collegiate athlete, Jackie came to yoga for the physical aspect but soon after, realized it was so much more than just a ‘workout’. She fell in love with the spiritual side of yoga. At a lost time in Jackie’s life, she decided to dive deeper into yoga, and attended Yoga Teacher Training at Joschi Yoga Institute, in New York City. From that point on, yoga has been a constant in her life whether she’s practicing, learning or teaching. Yoga has transformed Jackie’s life. Jackie has also studied under Sage Rountree, an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes. Jackie is a Riverhead Native and she enjoys spending her days working on her family’s farm and being a softball and basketball coach at Riverhead HS.