Colleen McCaffery

Colleen has been practicing yoga(on and off) for close to 13 years. She Found the "Hot Room" 2 years ago and fell, immediately, in love with all aspects of Hot Yoga. Colleen is passionate about the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga and provides individual attention to each of her students in their own yogic journey. Colleens classes are perfect for students who are new to yoga and need a demonstration and explanation of the postures, as well as for experienced students who want to develop deeper connections between the body and mind.

Colleen McCaffery RYT-220 hours certified teacher in Vinyasa Yoga, Founder & Owner of Aura. Colleen's love and desire for a peaceful and spiritual life, coupled with her innate ability to push others to want to better themselves, is the motivating drive behind AURA. Colleen's life experiences have led her to discover her Dharma(found sitting on her mat) and has now opened up Aura to help you discover and become your own Dharma and connect with your Prana(life force)
Allow Aura to be your center for self discovery. Familiarize yourself with our studio and our staff who will help guide your spiritual journey.
Aura offers a variety of different classes
so students are always either finding (or pushing themselves beyond) their comfort zone.


Erik Rydout

RYT-220 hours certified teacher in Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga and Paddle Boarding Yoga. Erik is currently working towards his RYT-300 hour certificate. Erik has a deep connection with his yoga practice and Yoga has a deep connection through Erik. A lifelong student and athlete, his training runs the gamut of physical and mental growth. Erik has backgrounds in the Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Acro Yoga, Pranayama Breath work, Meditation, Reiki training levels 1 & 2, Martial arts (Jiu Jitsu), Gymnastics, Slacklining, Surfing and Rockclimbing. When he's not practicing physically he's reading and performing electrical engineering science. Despite the vast number of disciplines Erik uses yoga philosophy of union, to put everything he is into everything he does. His passion for the seen and unseen, the explainable and the unbelievable continue to fuel his life with energy and balance.


Jennifer Brown

Jennifer’s love for barre and yoga began to blossom as a student. Having always been an athlete, she began looking for alternatives to the high impact she was accustomed to. Barre and yoga began to fulfill that desire for physical movement. After observing other unexpected changes in herself, both physically and mentally, her interest was peaked. These changes inspired her to take her training to the next level. Jennifer is a RYT~200 (registered yoga trainer) in Vinyasa Yoga through the yoga alliance, having completed her training through Always At Aum Yoga School. She is currently continuing her training and expanding her knowledge by working towards her RYT~300. Looking to broaden her awareness of energies and the powerful effect they have on our lives, Jennifer received training in Reiki levels I and II. She is passionate about learning as well as sharing her experiences with others. Jennifer’s training for barre was completed through AboveBarre and BootyBarre. Her classes include a broad range of vinyasa flows, strengthening, toning, cardio and overall wellness.


Jayme Lynn

Jayme completed her yoga teacher training in August of 2017 and since then has been passionately cultivating her yoga practice as a way to live more fully, love more deeply, and find practical ways to share the yoga practice with others. It is not only a way to find ease and wellness physically but also serves as a tool to live in harmony and peace with nature and other living beings. Through her classes, she hopes to hold space for others to discover their own inner healer and teacher- Connecting the mind and body as way toward liberation and abundant living. Expect to be equally challenged and nourished through her classes.


Jackie Zilnicki

Jackie is an empowering and spirited teacher with the goal to create a safe and grounded practice for her students to let go of their mind and tune into their body. Jackie thrives on empowering others to see the light and love inside of themselves with the art of yoga. She knows that yoga is truly for everyone and every body. Having been a two-sport collegiate athlete, Jackie came to yoga for the physical aspect but soon after, realized it was so much more than just a ‘workout’. She fell in love with the spiritual side of yoga. At a lost time in Jackie’s life, she decided to dive deeper into yoga, and attended Yoga Teacher Training at Joschi Yoga Institute, in New York City. From that point on, yoga has been a constant in her life whether she’s practicing, learning or teaching. Yoga has transformed Jackie’s life. Jackie has also studied under Sage Rountree, an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes. Jackie is a Riverhead Native and she enjoys spending her days working on her family’s farm and being a softball and basketball coach at Riverhead HS.


MaryBeth Hickey

Mary Beth Hickey, E-RYT, has been an avid student of yoga and meditation for more than 25 years. She was certified by Bikram Choudhury in 1999 and is inspired by her teachers Erich Schiffmann and Paulie Zink, the founder of Yin Yoga. Her classes emphasize the unlimited potential in everyone. She connects to her students through touch and mindful awareness and is known for her safe, sane and contemplative approach to learning and practicing yoga and meditation. The safe environment she creates is great for beginners, seniors, seasoned students and those who claim they’re “inflexible”. Mary Beth believes breath is the greatest teacher and encourages her students to become body-aware, to establish a relationship with their breath, and to develop a compassionate and joyful attitude towards themselves and the world around them.


Erin Occhiogrosso

Erin Occhiogrosso has completed a 200-hour Yoga teacher training. She has been practicing yoga for fifteen years and teaching for six. Erin’s Yoga is therapeutic because she focuses on mindfulness through movement. Erin was formerly in the U.S. Navy and during her time there she operated an air craft carrier. After coming home from her deployment in Iraq, Erin fell ill, suffering from panic attacks and extreme anxiety. That was when she decided she needed to make a change in her life. When she surrendered herself to her breath work, trusted self healing and the practice; she personally healed holistically through Yoga herself. She believes in the medicinal restorative properties that yoga can provide, through breath and movement. Erin is currently expanding on her knowledge and is enrolled in Rama Yoga Institute to further expand her studies. She has also traveled to Spain and returned with the technology of Kundilini Yoga. Come check out Erin’s classes for an overall positive and empowering experience.


Jessica Kelleher

A once extremely anxious Jess stepped onto a yoga mat, took in a breath of that moment and never looked back. Inspired by the extraordinary impact her practice has had on all aspects of her life, she decided to become a teacher to pass on the sacred gift of yoga to anyone willing to receive! Now Jess, mother of three budding yogi boys, not only wants to pass this on to adults, but also to children; starting young ones out on the right (and left!) foot, grounding them, and providing them with ways to cope with stress one wagging downward dog at a time. After working as a Behavior Therapist with young children for over ten years and now looking after her own young boys, she is motivated by the idea that by making yoga a part of their lives from a young age, they will always have it as a tool in their back pocket. Raising her boys has made such a strong impression on her practice; truly teaching her about living life through the eyes of a child - with true presence and an open mind. Armed with her experience first as a therapist, now as a mother and a Masters in Education, in 2013, Jess took that child-like drive to learn and completed her 200 hr teacher training certification with Betsy Kase at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, NY. A year full of transformation, growth, and passion has only inspired her further to continue the journey of deepening her practice and guiding both children and adults through their journeys in yoga. Since she was so greatly inspired by her journey through motherhood, Jess received her certification in Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga at the Kripalu Center in June 2014. Jess is also certified in Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Clare Matola at Yoga Haven.